Brendan Burns Healy

Software Engineer II
Dell Technologies

Previously: Visiting Assistant Professor of Topology
Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Academic Research Teaching Resumé About Me

In the Fall of 2021, I moved to the field of emerging technologies research. I am now located in the OCTO Research Office with Dell Technologies. In addition to research, my current role involves intellectual property generation and proof-of-concept programming.

My industry research is focused on patent applications, which I will not link here. However, my most recent projects have involved Dell's classical infrastructure in the support of quantum computing (see an open source version of Dell's QDR). Other intellectual property comes from the mathematics surrounding random sampling of databases for the purpose of finding primary keys in unorganized Data Lake.

My academic research is primarily in the areas of geometric group theory and low-dimensional topology. For a list of publications and pre-prints, please see my Google scholar page. I graduated with my PhD in May 2018 from the Mathematics Department at Tufts University. My dissertation is titled Non-positive Curvature in Groups. My advisor was Genevieve Walsh.

Past math research talks include: SUNY Albany Topology SeminarSpring Topology and Dynamical Systems Conference, Junior Geometry and Topology in the Midwest at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the 33rd Summer Conference on Topology and its Applications at Western Kentucky University. My slides for the WKU presentation are available here. I also spoke at the 2015 Workshop in Geometric Topology. and in 2016 at the Temple GSCAGT. as well as the 2018 Joint Math Meetings.

Mailing Address: (still active, I maintain an affiliation with UWM)
Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
3200 N Cramer St
Milwaukee, WI 53211